Julieanne Cresswell Transformational coach.

I am thankful to all my clients, those that I have already met, and those that are yet to come. It gives me a sense of great satisfaction and wellbeing that I am able to share my gifts and help people along their journey. I also have to thank you all for what you have taught me along the way.
“I’m not too comfortable with sharing much about my problems but in essence I started at a place where I totally hated every last thing about myself and spent the majority of my time thinking about how easy it would be to die. Julie connects with me like a human being and makes me feel like she actually understands, which means that I trust her when she gives me practical ways to try and support my fight against self hate. I’m nearly halfway through my sessions and already feeling a difference; I have my ups and downs; I still think about dying at times but I haven’t physically hurt myself once since we started working together; not once; and I think I am smiling more. That’s a huge deal; clearly I think I’m worth enough to be alive right now. Thanks Julieanne” Faye.
“Sometimes you don’t know you need help with change, and sometimes you don’t know where to go to get help with changing. I worked with Julieanne over several years with reflexology and meditation. Julieanne helped with both ad hoc support and structured sessions to accommodate where I wanted to go, while providing healing along the way.
Julieanne’s manner made her very easy to talk to, and share a joke with sometimes too! I was able to make the changes in my life with her support and we remain in contact today.” Emma
“My sons wedding was in may 2017, I was dreading it because of being agoraphobic for so long. Only tried to go out with support worker other times I was so scared to go out, so I stayed in. After few sessions of healing and reiki and a coaching, I was able to attend the wedding after all and go to the meal afterwards in melford, what a relief!” Sue
The coaching session I had with Julieanne was great. She is incredibly professional whilst maintaining a warm and friendly conversation. She always pays close attention and helped me find the confidence I needed to further my potential.
She always offers great advice and shows a real interest in what I have to say.
She is a lovely, smiley wonderful lady! Thank you so much Julianne!

💕 xxx Amy
I have always been completely respected by Julieanne and met with an honest and genuine heart. She is so positive and yet has such an empathy when I have shared things that I am going through. She is so funny and uplifting and is always herself. I find that very inspirational and calming. I would definitely encourage anyone who is thinking about contacting her to go ahead and do it. I know only good can come of it! Thanks so much! Katie. X
Julieanne always made me feel super comfortable, she has such a beautiful, calming energy. Always love my treatments with her. Sophie x
I first met Julianne in what was almost another life time for us both, but her feet were firmly on this path already. Her cheerful helpfulness and down to earth approach kept me going then, and her recent inspirational posts are encouraging and personal without being intrusive. Above all she is kind, accepting and willing to share her wisdom. Thank you, Julie, for continuing your outreach and developing new ways to make life happier for anyone you come into contact with. Love and blessings to you. Xx Mandy