The Gateway Program – Moving through change with ease.

The gateway is a place where we can either stand firm or move on. If we move on, we have to accept where we are now, learn from our past and believe in our own future”

Julieanne Cresswell

I help clients that have experienced life changing events, to accept their limitations so they can finally break through them. Change their life in a positive way, to help them plan for and live in the future they never thought they could achieve. Side effects include; greater self confidence, self belief, increased positivity and happiness.

Feeling lost and alone is not a good place to be. Experiencing the blocks that stop you from stepping towards your goals is frustrating. Not knowing what goals to set because you can not see beyond this moment in time can break you. Not only you, but your relationships, your job, your home and more importantly your self belief and dignity.

Your life can be hectic, you may always be thinking of others, putting yourself last, finding out that you no longer know what you really enjoy or feel really alone and lost.
Taking that first step on your own is scary, can increase your anxiety and make your feelings of inadequacy triple. You are stepping outside your comfort zone, into your stretch and possibly panic zones. When you have someone there who can see what you can’t, hold your dreams and aspirations along each step of the way, it is so much easier, trust me I have been there. I had to do it all on my own, and when I had to take that first step I wish I’d had someone not emotionally attached to me to support me on that journey. I had to work it out by myself and I have to say it was hard work.

The Coaching and healing academy is here for you to truly be present in your life, to step up to the plate, as it were and start to take action towards what you want to achieve in your life. The most important person in your life is you, because if you are not fully present, how are you going to be able to be present for others/?

I found myself in 2012 ill and a shadow of my former self. I had to hand in my resignation as a deputy head in a behaviour school and concentrate on me. I had a choice just like you have now. I either became the illness that I had been labled with or I would do what I do best and plan a way to get better. Thankfully I chose the latter, ME was a title that I would not hold onto, I learnt so many things about myself, I helped myself heal and thus the gateway program was born.


When you feel like crap, (technical term) you can’t see if there is a way forward, let alone what route to choose. We always see the negatives of our daily life. From this day on, write down everything you achieve each day, from walking the dog to driving to work or cooking tea. For some the list may be made up of many things, for others it may be just getting out into the open air. At the end of the day, sit down with a tea or other warm drink and read through your daily achievements. Really take in all that you have done. Then choose at lease one thing that you are pleased to have achieved, that you are grateful you were able to do/complete or see. Do this every day, especially on days were you feel low or when it feels like you are trapped where you are.

Everyone I have worked with has improved their life. 100% success in their eyes. From those who were agoraphobic, now being able to leave the house and be part of society again to self harmers not harming at all and being happier with more self love than they have felt before.

I have worked for many years, helping people see who they can be, who had lost their identity, self worth and self belief and along with that any hopes and dreams. If 89% of children I worked with, can successfully return to school and achieve when once their behaviour and social skills were so poor they had been kicked out and were disenfranchised with the system that was supposed to support and nurture them, then I am 100% positive you will be able to learn from the past, accept the now and take those first steps to believing there is a future for you.

Let me ask you one very important question…

What will it cost you, to not implement the positive changes to your life, that The Gateway Program can bring?

How many more years us you tread this path? Where will you be if you do not step up, take bold actioned steps towards changing your life for the better?

I would love to hear your story, It would be a privilege to listen to the steps you have tried, the hurt and turmoil you may have been through.
The question is are you ready to take that first baby step? Do you really want this?

If you are ready to change your life, had enough of where you are, stuck in that rut, with emotional and physical feelings running your life. You want to be part of the coaching and healing academy, and join the gateway program, then I would like to invite you to a discovery session. Book in for a free 45 minute discovery chat, where I will listen to where you are at, help you see how you can take that first small step to a big goal. Just click the link below and book your free 45 minute discovery chat today, what have you got to loose?

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