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Change is hard enough, let alone doing it on your own.


“The gateway is the point at which we an either stand firm or move on. If we move on, we can accept where we are now, learn from our past and believe in our own future” Julieanne Cresswell


When you are ready to move forward in your life, you do not always know how. Some of you reading this will have tried so many many things over the years and still you feel lost and alone. Friends and family may be supportive or you may be trying to do this on your own, either way, they really do not understand and that can be very lonely. 

 Taking that first step on your own is scary, can increase your anxiety and make your feelings of inadequacy triple. When you have someone there who can see what you can’t, hold your dreams and aspirations along each step of the way, it is so much easier, trust me I have been there. I had to do it all on my own, and when I had to take that first step I wish I’d had someone not emotionally attached to me to support me on that journey. I had to work it out by myself and I have to say it was hard work.

I would love to hear your story, It would be a privilege to listen to the steps you have tried, the hurt and turmoil you may have been through. 

I want to support you in your journey. The question is are you ready to take that first baby step? If you would like to hear more, chat further and book into one of my amazing programs then just click the link below. 

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