Cooking with Anxiety.

Anxiety can stop you from making the most simple of decisions, you loose opportunities and start to doubt you ability to do anything. The whirlwind of emotions that curses through your body, from a distance can look silly and some will never be able to understand how you had a melt down over choosing what to have for your dinner in the restaurant. 

Pressure plays a big part of this, our inate self reliance tells you, you should be able to do this, but every fibre in your being stops your steps forward to freedom, your mind freezes and you do not know how to move on.

If you suffer from anxiety, I understand, its perfectly normal to have these emotions, you are not stupid, silly, and you should be able to live a normal life. I would love to hear from you. 

If you live near Suffolk food hall, Ipswich, I will be doing a cookery demonstration and talk, especially for you. You can read about it by clicking the link below.

Cooking with anxiety demonstration and talk. 
 If you live further afield, I want to hear your experiences of how anxiety has affected your life and how you have tried to deal with it, maybe unsuccessfully so far. There are so many ways I can help. The first is listening to your story.
Contact me to arrange a call, I want to hear your story.


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