Simple pimple shortbread. 

This recipe for shortbread is so very morish and simple to make. Have a go at it yourself.


220g unsalted butter

110g caster sugar

220g plain flour

110g gluten free plain flour.

Oven temp: 170°C / 325°F/ gas 3.

1. Mix the butter and sugar together in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Press the back of the spoon against the  of the bowl, so you are squishing the two ingredients together.

2. Sift the flours into the butter and sugar mixture and work together. It will eventually turn into a dough. 

3. It may be a bit crumbly, but do not knead it like bread as this will bring the gluten into play and make it chewy rather than crumbly and melt in the mouth. Just gently press it together.

4. Shape the mix into a cylinder, wrap in cling film (celophane) and place in the fridge for a minimum of 30 mins.

5. Wash up and clean down. Happy days!!

6. Take the shortbread from the fridge and cut into 1/4 inch sections. Try to make sure they are equal, this will help with even cooking.

7. Place each one on a baking tray that has baking paper or parchment on it. Leave a space round each one so they can spread a little. Sprinkle a little caster sugar onto the top.

8. Place into the oven with oven gloves for 40 minutes. 

9. Check after 35 mins, so you can make sure the shortbread does not burn.

10. Take out of the oven and taste the goodness. Yum yum

You can view all the videos on you tube.

Part 1. Shortbread – click link below.

Part 2. Shortbread. – click link below. 

Part 3. Shortbread


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